Fat Free Cookies

Your sweet tooth demands sugar with that cup of coffee, but the thought of 300 calories makes you run past the bakery? What if you could have two half-moon black-and-white cookies for less than a third of the calories of one? What about a chewy brownie or an Italian rainbow cookie for only 100 calories? We offer fat-free muffins, biscotti and tosties, too, in satisfying varieties, from apple cinnamon and blueberry to chocolate, cappuccino and almond.

Low-Carb Cookies

You can have your luscious chewy cookie and savor it, too! With our low-carb versions of these all-American favorites, you can choose from smooth blondies, chocolate chip and vanilla chip cookies, decadent chocolatey brownies and sweetly tart lemon cookies. We kept the satisfying richness of robust flavors like chocolate, butter and lemon but lost the empty grams of carbs.

Italian-Style Cookies

Are you longing for a light, buttery, traditional, jelly-filled cookie that's sweet but not too sweet? Do you remember the crunchy-smooth texture of a sesame seed biscuit? Our Italian-style cookies conjure up memories of swiping sweets from the cookie trays at an Italian wedding. If you're searching for a low-cal rainbow cookie, check out our fat-free options.

Oatmeal Bars

Tasty, filling and chocked full of health benefits, our oatmeal bars incorporate only the best ingredients to give you that satisfying texture, sweetness and almost deceptive richness that only quality oatmeal can provide. They're perfect for when you're in a hurry, want something tasty and need it to be nutritious, too.

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